Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Different New Year's Eve

View of Downtown VanCity
It's New Year's Eve and D and me have had a blast watching Team Canada beat the US at hockey tonight. 

Here in Canada, the New Year is received a little different.  The country closely follows the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Junior Championship right from Christmas Day all the way until the first days of the New Year.   This one is particularly sweet since it is taking place in Alberta, Canada and Team Canada is doing great.

The Championship is a great opportunity for young players to showcase their talent and that is one of the reasons why fans follow it so closely.  D and I are wondering which team has Canadian player Mark Stone; that kid is doing such a great job.  He's been putting the puck in the net like no one else there!

Ten teams make it to the Championship.  The usual big opponents for Team Canada are the USA, Russia, and Sweden.  This competition started in 1974 and Russia won the gold medal on that one.  If I am not mistaken Russia and Canada are tied in the number of gold medals.  They both have won the Championship 15 times and this year the final, it seems, is most likely going to be Canada vs Russia.  But let's not get too ahead of ourselves just yet.

Well, I have to go kiss this awesome year goodbye and receive 2012 with a big smile! Happy New Year to you all and GO CANADA GO!!!

For more about today's game click here.

With my nieces during our Christmas Party this year.  ~Notice my Canucks jersey~ It's always Hockey time around here :-D

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